Most people will only know beetroot as pickle or a vinegary salad addition. If cooked fresh you get a subtle earthy flavour that is delicious, but even if you are under time stress and need a simple option go for the pasteurized (ie cooked) ones, not pickled ones from supermarkets.

If you cook beetroot at home:

To preserve the beetroot’s colour and nutrients, rinse and brush clean but do not remove the skin until after cooking. Cook them similar to potatoes: in boiling salted water until you can pierce them easily. (I usually do this with a pressure cooker to reduce cooking time)

Wearing rubber gloves when cutting and handling beetroot is advisable, as beetroot tends to stain everything from fingers to chopping beard…

For the salad: peel the beets and grate or finely slice them. Mix in a vinaigrette of lemon juice and olive oil, season with salt & pepper.

Divide up into portions or leave in big bowl, then sprinkle over goats- or feta cheese to taste.

Drizzle with some more olive oil and enjoy!

Add some toasted pita bread and you have a yummy and healthy lunch