The height of summer and sweet melon goes hand in hand for me.
There are so many different kinds and tastes and recipes and all of them with these juicy and sweet summer fruits!

Here are two of my favourites:

Melon soup (good for summery starter)
Gala or Cavaillon melon work best for this, but feel free to use another:
scoop out some small balls and keep aside for decoration. Cut the rest in pieces and liquidize. add 2 glasses of Port per melon (or more to taste). serve fridge-cold with fresh mint and the “melon balls”.
You could add something salty like Parma ham or smoked duck, skewered on some decorative sticks or served on separate plate.

Of course the melon and Parma ham / smoked duck combo works just as well if you serve it with slices of melon instead of the soup.

Enjoy your starters!

Watermelon sorbet

A delicious dessert for young and old.
Use a large piece of watermelon, get rid of all the pips and liquidize.
Add a few spoons of icing sugar (it should taste quite sweet).
Use an ice cream maker if you have one, or freeze in Tupperware and whisk every half hour until evenly frozen.
If making this for children it is more fun to fill it into ice -lolly -cases and let it freeze until solid.