Having a nice espresso or other coffee at the end of a meal is all part of a nice tradition and we should be able to enjoy it even if we’re sitting in the sweltering heat of a hot summer.

I’ve got 2 recipes for you that are part coffee, part cooling dessert and can be served up at the end of a meal. Not surprisingly these recipes originate from Italy.

first up: the affogato al caffè:
add a small scoop of vanilla ice cream to a cup or small glass, pour over freshly brewed hot espresso.
serve and enjoy.

caffè granita:
brew 4-6 cups of strong espresso, sweeten with sugar to taste (has to be sweeter that you would normally like it). leave to cool down, then pour into Tupperware container and put in freezer.

take out every half hour and stir through with a fork. This should create nice small crystals.

Once completely crystallised, divide into small cups and serve after a summer lunch or whenever you feel like some coffee with a twist.