If you don’t have any Asparagus growing in your own garden, try and get some from a pick your own farm or farmers market (they are not comparable to the ones who have been cut a week before eating and have flown halfway round the globe) . The season is so short; you should make the most of enjoying British asparagus in many different ways.

For a light and easy dinner (great if the weather is as balmy as it’s at the moment), grill some Asparagus and use them as “soldiers” in soft boiled eggs.

For extra “umpf” you could wrap them in some Parma ham before dunking

Asparagus is always a good starter at this time of year. You could steam them and serve them with hollandaise sauce, or try an Italian twist to it:

Steam them until al dente, then drizzle with melted butter and shavings of parmesan, add a little pepper – done!