Most of us in today’s world will probably notice the start of Lent only because we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, or see the first chocolate Easter eggs in the shops. Instead of giving you [...]

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’ve all recovered from the excesses of the end of last Year and are enjoying the start of a new one. What to eat in January? I know that I [...]

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Yummy Sausage Rolls

My local church just up the road did a lovely Christingle service and I provided some warming refreshments for children and parents. The homemade sausage rolls seemed to be an absolute favourite, so here are [...]

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Pink Fairy Cakes – for kids

I have just helped/supervised my 4 year old to bake these cute fairy cakes. She enjoys making cakes almost as much as eating them… She, as many of her peers, has to have everything in [...]

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Quick Meal – Fast home cooked

Fast food does not have to mean take-aways or greasy unhealthy stuff, it just means a meal that can be eaten within 10 or 20 minutes. One of my favourites is “Salmon tagliatelle” -I know [...]

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Most people will only know beetroot as pickle or a vinegary salad addition. If cooked fresh you get a subtle earthy flavour that is delicious, but even if you are under time stress and need a [...]

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