Being Swiss I’d like to share some of our traditions: in Switzerland we don’t just hunt for chocolate eggs at Easter, we find decorated boiled eggs as well, which we then eat for brunch with lots of other delicious things.


It’s quite easy to decorate eggs (just make sure you use non-toxic colours, as the shell is porous and the colour can leak through). You can use a brush or felt pen or boil them in coloured water and then add stickers

If you boil them in coloured water, you may want to decorate by sticking on leaves or flowers and then tightly wrapping them in a bit of old stocking pre boiling (to hold in the decoration, but let in the colour)

If you’re not a fan of hard boiled eggs, but like the idea of decorated ones: blow out the contents of the egg (use that for scrambled eggs or baking) and hang the decorated eggs off a few flowering branches to create an Easter decoration.