Valentine’s Day – a great excuse to indulge!

I’m a sucker for champagne, so to have an excuse like Valentine’s Day is great, even if it is ridiculously commercial.

I decided to serve some oysters with our champagne. Oysters are a bit like the 14th February, some people love them and others don’t want anything to do with them.

Bijou Catering short guide to oysters:

Oysters are great served with nothing but some lemon drizzled over them, but of course you could always spice it up with a splash of Tabasco.

Make sure you get the best and freshest Oysters, as you need to make sure they are still alive and healthy. If you transport them or store them, make sure they are lying flat, bulge down, so the juice does not run out and always keep them on and in plenty of ice, but never immerse them in water.

Place the oyster on a firm surface, to protect your hands use a damp tea towel. Hold the oyster, hinged end towards you, try to keep it level as you open to help retain the juices. If you do not have an oyster knife, use a stout kitchen knife with a strong blade, protect your hands! Insert the knife in the area where the two shells meet and prise open with a twisting action Slide the blade along the inside edge of the shell to sever the muscle holding the shells together. Cut the muscle attachment to the lower shell. Turn the meat for best presentation.

And bon appétit!