I have just helped/supervised my 4 year old to bake these cute fairy cakes.

She enjoys making cakes almost as much as eating them…

She, as many of her peers, has to have everything in pink at the moment, so when baking cakes, that rule obviously applies too.

As I like to keep my children’s diets relatively healthy (ok, there are some sugar decorations on these…) I’m always looking for ways to make things delicious and not fake.

Instead of artificial food colouring E so-and-so, we’ve used raspberry puree to colour the icing as well as flavouring the cakes.
For the puree we’ve used frozen Raspberries (defrosted) mushed through a sieve (so you get rid of any bitter seeds) and added icing sugar to taste.

I put some puree into the batter, instead of fresh berries and mixed it with icing sugar for the frosting.

If you’d want to make them a bit fancier, say for a children’s birthday party you could frost them with butter icing (ratio 2:1 icing sugar to butter) and add the puree for some pink colour. Dust with glitter sugar or little sugar decorations.