If you don’t have any Asparagus growing in your own garden, try and get some from a pick your own farm or farmers market (they are not comparable to the ones who have been cut [...]

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Happy Easter to everyone!

Being Swiss I’d like to share some of our traditions: in Switzerland we don’t just hunt for chocolate eggs at Easter, we find decorated boiled eggs as well, which we then eat for brunch with [...]

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Yay, March time, Rhubarb time! The first Rhubarb has been forced and the sweet and tart pink stems are ready to be cooked. I love to cook with rhubarb, whether it’s for desserts or savoury [...]

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Cooking in the African Bush

I've been to visit my family in Tanzania. They are doing great work in the Serengeti National Park and it was lovely being on Safari. Cooking wise however it was a challenge: You don’t have [...]

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Valentine’s Day – a great excuse to indulge! I’m a sucker for champagne, so to have an excuse like Valentine’s Day is great, even if it is ridiculously commercial. I decided to serve some oysters [...]

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Ice Cream

Last weekend I tested out my new ice cream machine. I've got one of these electrical ones, where you keep the cooling element in the freezer and can start doing the most delicious ice cream [...]

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