I’ve been to visit my family in Tanzania. They are doing great work in the Serengeti National Park and it was lovely being on Safari.

Cooking wise however it was a challenge:

You don’t have endless fresh produce and can’t just run to the shops if you need an extra ingredient. My family get fresh food supplies every 2 to 3 weeks or so, so there is a lot of experimenting and improvising that goes into cooking in the bush.

For a special treat I thought I’d make them some éclairs for desert one evening, but not having any scales was tricky. I ended up using a pack of sun-dried tomatoes to use as a counter measure, to weigh out the flour. And of course opening the eggs separately to make sure they weren’t off and to check the flour thoroughly for bugs…

It was inspiring to observe the creativity that went into cooking everyday with leftovers, or things from the back of the pantry and freezer and creating mouth watering dishes!

I’ve come back with 2 new favourite recipes:

1.Rhubarb crumble with Bananas

Basically take a standard rhubarb crumble, but add some chopped bananas in with the fruit and you end up with a dessert that is perfectly balanced with sweet and sourness and it has an exotic edge, that makes you dream of sun and sand.

  1. Marinated steak à la Felix

This is a wonderful recipe that my brother has come up with:

Marinate pieces of steak (or even one whole one) in honey and curry powder. This will result in a sweet & spicy flavour that is an exotic change to the normal pepper sauce or béarnaise.