Last weekend I tested out my new ice cream machine. I’ve got one of these electrical ones, where you keep the cooling element in the freezer and can start doing the most delicious ice cream in no time.

Now, I know that February might not strike you as the best ice cream month, but a silky creamy creation will always be sweet comfort food, whatever time of the year.

I tested some of my standard recipes, like double vanilla, chunky caramel and luscious dark chocolate which all turned out great!

Then I started dreaming up some creations for summer when ice cream can become savoury and be part of a menu: tomato sorbet, quark and asparagus? Honey melon granita served with Parma ham? Fig ice cream to go with some cheese? Olive sorbet? Fresh basil ice cream….

Cocktail like creations: Campari and mint sorbet, Bellini sorbet, Lemon vodka Martini slush…

The options are endless, the limit is the sky, I’ll just need to find time to test and practice and convince some of my friends to be my testers and not worry too much about their diets!