Most of us in today’s world will probably notice the start of Lent only because we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, or see the first chocolate Easter eggs in the shops.
Instead of giving you yet another pancake recipe, I decided to look into why we are having pancakes that day.
In the olden days, people would use up all perishable ingredients before their 40 days of fasting. To get rid of eggs, milk, cheese… they would make pancakes.
Is anyone still fasting today? Do you only do it if you’re religious?

Are you fasting?

I think that whether Lent or Ramadan, whether religious or not, it is important to do some sort of fasting every now and again, to give the mind, body and soul time to recover, re-centre and focus.

How about giving up all (or at least some) of the little daily “sins” that we rely on and think we “need” to function?
Are you used to a glass of wine with your meals? Can’t get out of bed without a tea or coffee? Automatically add sugar or salt to everything? Always drink fizzy drinks rather than still water? …

Try to give it up until Easter and see if you really “need” it.

Fasting (as I said, this does not have to be the full detox, it could just be one or two things you give up) in Lent is not supposed to feel as a punishment, but to make our bodies less sluggish and help our minds get clearer and more focused and get away from the consumerism of modern day life for a bit. And of course, if you are religious, then this will help you reconnect to your faith.

Let me know how you get on!