Happy Easter to everyone!

Being Swiss I’d like to share some of our traditions: in Switzerland we don’t just hunt for chocolate eggs at Easter, we find decorated boiled eggs as well, which we then eat for brunch with lots of other delicious things. It’s quite easy to decorate eggs (just make sure you use non-toxic colours, as the [...]

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Yay, March time, Rhubarb time! The first Rhubarb has been forced and the sweet and tart pink stems are ready to be cooked. I love to cook with rhubarb, whether it’s for desserts or savoury dishes. One of my favourite celebrity chefs is Jamie Oliver and he does an awesome drink with Rhubarb, in his [...]

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Valentine’s Day – a great excuse to indulge! I’m a sucker for champagne, so to have an excuse like Valentine’s Day is great, even if it is ridiculously commercial. I decided to serve some oysters with our champagne. Oysters are a bit like the 14th February, some people love them and others don’t want anything [...]

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Most of us in today’s world will probably notice the start of Lent only because we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, or see the first chocolate Easter eggs in the shops. Instead of giving you yet another pancake recipe, I decided to look into why we are having pancakes that day. In the olden days, [...]

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Happy New Year everyone! Hope you’ve all recovered from the excesses of the end of last Year and are enjoying the start of a new one. What to eat in January? I know that I usually talk about using local produce, but in January we could make an exception: exotic fruit are great for this [...]

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Most people will only know beetroot as pickle or a vinegary salad addition. If cooked fresh you get a subtle earthy flavour that is delicious, but even if you are under time stress and need a simple option go for the pasteurized (ie cooked) ones, not pickled ones from supermarkets. If you cook beetroot at home: [...]

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Scrumptious Summer dessert coffee

Having a nice espresso or other coffee at the end of a meal is all part of a nice tradition and we should be able to enjoy it even if we’re sitting in the sweltering heat of a hot summer. I’ve got 2 recipes for you that are part coffee, part cooling dessert and can [...]

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Elderflower cordial

  Elderflower is in bloom now, so if you like to do a bit of foraging like I do, this is the time to take a bag and some scissors and head out for a walk. Elderflower likes to grow in hedgerows along fields or along the forest edge. As we are going to use the [...]

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